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facial redness

Facial Redness is a problem that plagues more than 14 million Americans. Blood vessels close to the skin’s surface expand, leaving your complexion the wrong shade of rosy. Generally, facial redness can be linked to a few common causes:

- Rosacea- A form of acne that affects between 14 and 16 million Americans

(This condition can manifest as pervasive or spot redness, visible blood cells, or bumps/pimples)

- Inflammation

Self defense mechanism of the body, the immune system’s response to infection/irritation/injury. The body produces inflammatory substances (such as histamines, cytokines) as the blood vessels swell, sending the aforementioned substances to kill bacteria. It’s a “scrimmage at the cellular level” where hopefully, bacteria & viruses are the losers. Sometimes, inflammation becomes chronic, due to genetics or environmental factors. This chronic inflammation gains speed, stimulating the production of skin-eroding enzymes that mow down anything in their path (collagen, elastin).

- Alcohol

This type of facial redness is temporary and is caused by decreased activity of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme

- Spicy Foods

- Extreme Weather

extreme temperatures and humidity (or lack thereof)

- Stress

- Sun Exposure

If you’re not sure what’s causing your face to redden, be sure to consult your doctor before taking action. Remember: A balanced complexion is within your reach. The most important part is matching up symptoms with solutions!

Post by John Thompson

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