Dewy Foundation – Five Steps to Perfection

Dewy Foundation Photo

Having a dewy finish to your foundation is an amazing way to get a soft, glowing look that just screams, “I woke up gorgeous.” Foundation that has this fresh, glowing finish is not for those with oily skin. A dewy foundation look works best for those who don’t necessarily need intense coverage, and yearn for the no-makeup makeup look. Here are the 5 steps to dewy foundation perfection:

1. Prime- As with any foundation application, Primer is the key to longevity. Moisturizing, hydrating, and anti-aging primers work best for glowing looks.

2. Tint- Tinted moisturizer, that is. You can opt for an oil-based tinted moisturizer, but Eden only recommends that if you have extremely dry or mature skin.

3. Found- Apply a liquid foundation with either a domed or an angled foundation brush. If you’re using a mineral foundation, then use a chisel powder brush to swirl it onto the cheeks. Swirling mineral foundation onto the skin polishes it, imparting a shiny finish.

4. Finish- With loose translucent powder. Because you’re still going for a glow, leave the apples of your cheeks un-powdered.

5. Take It Up a Notch- Maintain your moistness by keeping a hydration spray on hand for midday touch ups. Evian’s Brumisateur comes in a handy travel size, and provides a micro-fine mist of water that’s pure as the driven snow!  Now go out and enjoy your dewy foundation…

Post by John Thompson

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