Kevin Murphy Color Bug Review

kevin murphy color bug

Color me pretty with Kevin Murphy Color Bug.  Hot neon and pastel hues are all the rage for this season and our tresses aren’t left out.  Pop stars and chic streetwalkers alike have discovered the strong statement of a candy colored strand.  What many have also discovered, is that semi-permanent color in those tones might be great at first but fades fast and permanent color usually means you’ll need to bleach first and lets face it — that’s scary and can get expensive.  Where there is a specialized look in mind, Kevin Murphy comes to the rescue!  The Kevin Murphy Color Bug is a stylist’s favorite new way to get you skittle-dipped with no strings attached.  Quick Tip: Apply a fave pomade to prime the strand and make for easier application of the product.  Kevin Murphy Color Bug, $30 at select salons.

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Louboutin Nails

Louboutin Nails

Have you seen Louboutin nails? We got more than a kick out of this awesome trend when Adele sported red under her nails in honor of the godly designer at the 2012 Grammys. The excitement was dimmed, however, when we tried it on our own. Here is the lowdown on getting this haute detail to tie your look.

Great Lengths

To have the red bottoms, first you need bottoms– whether they’re natural and grown out, or done by a pro with acrylics.

White Top

Coat the top with white to ensure either top or bottom color won’t show through the other side.

Paint it Red

If you don’t have a small polish brush, or don’t trust yourself to not make a mess, Apply tape where needed on your finger to solve that problem.

Top Coat

Apply any color that you wish to the top of your nail to get that classic Louboutin show-inspired nail.

Waiting for the polish to dry can be expedited with a quick-dry product!

Don’t Forget—

Nailtini Dry Martini Drying Spray for $12

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Nail Wraps Review – Gnarly Nails

nail wraps

This season the bar for nail art has been raised.  Fashion icons like Adele and daring streetwalkers alike have been increasingly embracing their differences – well of their nails anyway.

Zoe Pocock, founder of Nail Wraps, thankfully brought these awesome designs to the US. This season, her most creative works can be easily found at Nordstrom and CVS. The awesomely trendy decals are as easy as 1-2-3 and are said to last for ten days “through shampooing sessions and all” says ELLE. So to recap, they’re: adoredby celebrities, affordable, easy to apply, AND they last?! So here’s the availability—

Nail Wraps $8

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